How to make a blog-An easy guide

A Blog is basically a simple website that focuses on written content that is also referredto as blog posts. It is a pretty common term nowadays, and there are gazillions of blogs out there with different niches. There are news blogs; then there are cooking blogs, tech blogs and list goes on. Still, the need for content and useful blogs remains the same with hundreds of blogs being made for every topic each day.

Do you make a blog too? Are you specifically passionate about a specific subject or topic or need to convey your skills and expertise to your audience? Then you should definitely make your own blog. In this post, we will tell exactly how to make a blog?

Can you make a blog?

There are some widespread misconceptions about starting your own blog. For instance, some individuals believe that you have to be an exceptional writer to start your own blog or should have some expertise in an area to make your blog. These and various other misconceptions are not true.

Tell me to tell you why. Everyone can not be a skilled writer, but they can have knowledge, expertise, and passion about a certain topic that they want to share with the world. You may have seen various blogs with an informal and conversational style of writing, but the information they convey is meaningful. Similarly, a person might not be an expert in something. Let’s say skills like poetry, cooking, pottery, etc. A person may be in the initial stages of learning these skills, and they are not necessarily a certified poet or chef, or a commercial high-level pottery maker, but still, they can share whatever they learn with others through their blog. It’s always a good idea to know that how to create a blog and make money?

Reasons for making your blog

There can be several reasons for making a blog:

  • You want to work from home

By making a blog, you do not have to go outside your home to earn money. You can work from homewithout leaving your comfort zone. Several bloggers make thelucrative amount of profits from their blogs.

  • It is easier to work online at home

The best part about earning through blogging is the passive income you get. You just need to spend a few hours in a week to create a blog post and then generate the income through your blog. It is easier to work online from home like this right?

So without further ado let’s learn how to make a blog site

How to start Blog make money

  • First, choose a blog name


Before you learn how to start a blog make money, choose a suitable name for your blog as names have an everlasting impact on your potential visitors. Look out for a genre of your blog. Is it a travel blog? A cooking blog? Or simply a platform to share musings and confessions? Choose a name accordingly.


  • Choose a domain name extension

The .com domain is the most preferred one, but you can also opt for the other domain names. Just make sure it is available.

  • Be descriptive

It is always a good idea to give your audience an idea of who you are and what your blog is about. For instance, if this blog is sharing that how to make a blog site, you will also find other posts related to this niche.

  • Make it online

This might sound a little technical, but you need to host your blog and require blogging software. You may find various blog hosts online who will register your blog with adomain name so that it becomes exclusively yours and also install a software for your blog.

  • Customizing your blog

After a host has set up a blog online for you, just log in to your blog with the given process. Usually, its something like Replace the word ‘blog’ with the actual name of your blog.

After signing in as an administrator of the blog, you can make the required changes to your blog. Change the layout and design as you wish. Choose the colour schemes of your choice and the font etc. If you are using WordPress, then blog themes might be available to customize your blog.  Just look for the appearance tab anywhere on your screen mostly on the left and click on it. You will be able to find ready-made themes there.

  • Write a post and publish it

There must be a button named “posts.” Click on it and choose to add new. Here you can add a new post with the fonts of your choice and with whole custom tailored layout that you can choose. Write a post and publish! Make sure that your first blog post is really good to create a good impression. Also, make sure to remove ‘’coming soon’’ page if there is any.

  • Advertise your blog

Social media is the best place to publicize your blog posts. Share the excerpts from your blog and share the links to promote it. Make sure to start an email marketing campaign. If the readers like your content start collecting their emails and requests to see what exactly are they expecting out of this blog.

  • Making money

Once you have successfully published and advertised your blog, you can start making money. The easiest way to do this is to sell an advertising space. Let the advertisers of products know that a space is available on your blog to show their ads. When you will upload their ads to your site, you will get a commission each time a visitor visits your blog and click on their ad. It Is always a good idea to choose the ads according to the content of your blog to generate more clicks.

Now you know that how to create a blog and earn money. It is not difficult, just some dedication and hard work will pay off in the long run.


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